• Noah Woods, 5, reportedly awoke to find his bedroom on fire and the flames blocking the doorway
  • He escaped out the bedroom window with his 2-year-old sister and the family's dog before alerting the rest of the family
  • The Bartow County Fire Department named Noah an honorary member for his actions and awarded him a department Lifesaving Award

A young boy was named an honorary firefighter Friday for saving his family from a fire at their home outside of Atlanta.

Noah Woods, 5, was praised by the Bartow County Fire Department for his quick actions in saving the family Sunday. Chief Dwayne Jamison said Noah showed unusual alertness despite his young age.

“We've seen children alert their families before,” Jamison told reporters. “But for a 5-year-old to be alert enough to do this ... that's pretty extraordinary.”

Jamison named Noah an honorary member of the Bartow County Fire Department and awarded him the departments Lifesaving Award for his efforts.

Noah reportedly awoke Sunday to find the bedroom he shared with his 2-year-old sister on fire after an outlet allegedly overloaded. The fire was blocked the door, forcing Noah to take his sister and their family’s dog out through a bedroom window.

“In doing that, (Noah) received some minor burns to his arm and his hands, and of course singed hair,” Jamison said. “His 2-year-old sister received some burns to her feet.”

He then ran next door to wake his uncle up and warn the rest of his family about the fire. While no major injuries were reported, Noah, his sister, and three other family members were treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns.

The home was destroyed in the fire and the family has asked the surrounding communities for help in recovering. A GoFundMe page was set up, with the family asking for $75,000 to rebound from the fire.

“We thank God for our Noah and his heroic actions,” Noah’s grandfather, David Woods, said on the GoFundMe. “By the grace of God, all nine of our loved ones were able to get out of our home. If it wasn't for Noah, we may not be here today.”