“Good Witch” Season 2 Spoilers
Grace (Bailee Madison) will find herself learning how to control her magic in Season 2 of Hallmark Channel's “Good Witch.” Hallmark Channel

Gather your sage and dust off your books of spells, “Good Witch” fans, because on Sunday your favorite witchy family will return with more spellbinding drama in the Season 2 premiere of the Hallmark Channel original series.

Bailee Madison, who portrays Grace Nightingale, revealed to International Business Times just what viewers can expect from the sophomore installment, which is set to air Sunday, April 17.

“I’m excited for Season 2 because there’s lots of new mysteries and new people who come to Middleton,” Madison teased, adding that she’s looking forward to “keeping the family and heart of the show” while also providing viewers with a “really good mystery along the way.”

Some of that enchantment will involve Grace growing into her powers. “This season is a big growing season for Grace,” the 16-year-old actress told IBT, revealing that the October special was able to capture Grace’s growth in the Halloween-themed episode. “But throughout the new season, you’ll see a lot of new obstacles for her where she doesn’t fully know how to use her abilities that she’s been given. And sometimes Grace handles them beautifully and other times she has to fix what she’s done.”

“Good Witch” Season 2 Spoilers
Viewers can continue to witness the chemistry between Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) and Grace (Bailee Madison) in Season 2 of Hallmark Channel's “Good Witch.” Hallmark Channel

Madison continued that Season 2 is going to be an “up-and-down roller coaster for Grace” and she’s looking forward for fans to tag along for the ride. But will Grace’s bumpy journey to adulthood also involve a potential romance? The “Good Witch” star discussed her complex relationship with Nick, played by Rhys Matthew Bond, and her thoughts on Grace falling in love.

“I’m always crossing my fingers for a romance for Grace,” Madison revealed to IBT, adding that although she’s open to the idea of Grace getting a boyfriend, she doesn’t think that’s in the tarot cards for her character this season. “I think it’s complicated for Nick and Grace. They’re teenagers. … They don’t know how [relationships] work and they’re also best friends! And they have their parents to deal with, so I think it’s complicated for all of them, which was really fun to get to play this season and hopefully the next.”

Not only are fans hoping for a relationship to spark between the long-time besties, but audiences are also waiting for their parents, Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam (James Denton) to finally succumb to their undeniable chemistry. But if Grace and Nick’s parents do become a couple in the second installment, that can only mean one thing for the two of them — drama. Do you smell a Season 3 storyline brewing? Madison revealed that, like the fans, she’s also hoping to continue telling the “Good Witch” story for a third installment.

“The ‘Good Witch’ cast and crew have become a really tight family, and we love bringing these scripts to life. So, if Hallmark Channel is up for a [Season 3 renewal], we’d love to come back!”

Good Witch” will air its Season 2 premiere on Sunday, April 17, at 9 p.m. EDT on the Hallmark Channel.