Equating a nation’s flag with toilet paper is no less than calumny. Recently those who searched for “best toilet paper in the world” in Google got curious results that showed Pakistan’s national flag. This followed a terror attack in India.

The manipulated results are attributed to angry Indian protesters in the aftermath of the Feb 14 attack on Indian forces that killed 40 soldiers. The terror attack’s responsibility was claimed by a Pakistan based Islamist group named Jaish-e-Mohammad.

In the militant attack, a suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into a moving convoy of military personnel.  

According to Indian government sources,  terrorists triggered the car bomb while 70 vehicles were carrying more than 2,500 Central Reserve Police Force personnel on the Srinagar-Jammu highway.

Indian anger pours out in social media

The outburst of Indian anger on Pakistan poured out in social media and soon the flag-toilet paper coinage emerged and got traction. It mainly appeared in blogs that reacted to the attack. Soon the hashtag turned trendy on the social media.

This later led to Google search returning news stories about flag toilet paper link. Regarding images, anyone searching for “best toilet paper in the world” reportedly saw pages with the green and white flag of Pakistan.

The images in the search results were mainly coming from news stories that showed a weird connection. Others included screenshots of social media posts linking Pakistan flag to toilet paper.

Not an isolated case

This is not the first time Google had this type of awkward results. In the past as well, Google search had curious results. For example, when the word 'idiot' was searched, it showed the results of President Donald Trump. For search results on “Top 10 criminals," Indian PM Narendra Modi's images would show up.

Meanwhile, improper search results can trigger legal issues.

Trkulja, who was shot in a Melbourne restaurant, argued in the Supreme Court that Google shamed him by publishing the photo of a notorious criminal in the city’s underworld along with his name.