Google outplayed Apple in 2013, according to a recent report by the Dow Jones. The interactive infographic shows the media’s mentions on several companies, the most talked about being Apple and Google.

Overall, 2013 was a great year for the Android developer. Year-to-date Google has had almost 124 thousand mentions in the media. This is the fifth year that Google has seen a rise in media mentions. In 2012, Google was talked about 114,954 times, meaning the search engine company saw an almost nine percent increase in media coverage.

Apple, however, comes in at a close second, seeing 120,451 mentions. This is the first time in four years that Apple has seen a decline in media attention. This year’s total mentions is the lowest it’s been since 2010. Last year the Cupertino giant saw over 165,000 mentions, representing a decline of 27 percent from last year; 2011 had 130,000 mentions. Both companies had big announcements this year, but it seems like Google offerings generated more attention for the Mountain View, Calif. company. Big name products like Apple’s iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air and iPad Mini, and Google’s Nexus 5 all launched this year, generating media buzz for both companies. Part of the reason Google saw more mentions might be because it is not the only manufacturer to utilize its software. Popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and LG also use Google's Android software. 

However, the Dow Jones report only measures media mentions, not how the press covered each company. Google saw a fair amount of attention after Edward Snowden leaked classified NSA documents, which included the company’s name. The press was quick to jump on the story, considering Google’s mantra has unofficially been “Don’t be evil” for over a decade. Many felt sharing private data and allowing the NSA to spy through their systems more than blurred the lines of this slogan. Apple was not free from the NSA scandal, but as Google devices are more sensitive to secuirty breeches than Apple's, the Cupertino, Calif. company saw less direct attention.

Google also experienced user and media backlash late this year in September as the company rolled out Google+ integration for YouTube comments. In an effort to reduce spam and comment trolls, Google started requiring commenters to use their Google+ names, scrapping the long time username approach. However, late in November Google was forced to admit there was a spamming issue with the updated comment system.

Microsoft and Bank of America were the third and fourth most mentioned companies on the Dow Jones report, and the two top companies to ever be listed on the Dow Jones Index. The Dow Jones Index (DJI) only includes 30 companies, seeking to provide a barometer for the health of the stock market. Google and Apple have never been listed on the DJI because of their pricey stock, which would throw off the average thus falsifying a good representation of the market.

The DJI went through an overhaul this September, dropping some companies and replacing others to better represent the market.