Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, has been named the highest earning chef in the U.S with a global income of $38 million, according to Forbes. 

The Hell's Kitchen host, who owns 23 restaurants worldwide, surpassed Rachel Ray who earned an estimated $25 million this year through her shows, magazine and other retail products. 

After working as a chef at London's Aubergine restaurant and winning two Michelin stars, Ramsey opened his first restaurant Gordon Ramsay aged 31. His restaurant was quickly awarded three Michelin stars, making it one of the longest-running restaurants in London to hold the awards. And so Ramsay's restaurant empire started.

He is also an acclaimed television personality, known globally for his shows, Gordon's Great Escapes, Master Chef, and Hell's Kitchen.

Ramsay's latest project is The Fat Cow a casual dining restaurant, which is expected to open in Los Angeles in the fall. He is also working on a new Television series called Hotel Hell, where he will be helping struggling hotel owners in their kitchen. The show is set to premier on FOX in August, according to Forbes. 

Rachel Ray, who took the number two spot on Forbes' list, is best known for 30 Minute Meals. She may not own her own restaurant, but in addition to her shows on the Food Network, she also has magazines and cook books. 

Wolfgang Puck takes the number three spot on the list, with $20 million. He has 20 fine dining restaurants as well as the fast casual chain of 80 Wolfgang Puck Express. 

Paula Deen is the fourth highest earning chef at $17 million. She has television shows, new restaurant partnerships as well as best-selling cook books. 

Mario Batali takes the number five spot with $13 million. He owns the new Eataly restaurant in New York and makes frequent television appearances. 

Alain Ducasse, best known for his fine dining restaurant Mix, is the sixth highest paid chef in the U.S, with $12 million. He is the first chef to earn three Michelin stars at restaurants in three different cities.