A 20-year-old video of a gorilla carrying a baby has suddenly gone viral after being released, the New York Daily News reports.

In the video, shot at the Howletts Wild Animal Park in Britain in 1992, a 300-pound gorilla picks up an 18-month-old girl and carries her like a doll.

British conservation activist Damian Aspinall just recently released the video he shot of the gorilla holding his daughter, Tansy, the Daily News said.

"You've got to be really careful. These are wild animals," American zookeeper Jack Hannah explained in an interview to ABC News. Gorillas are "unpredictable," he noted.

Hannah added that Aspinall and his family had a different type of relationship with the gorillas. In fact, his family history with the apes goes back to his father.

"The key is that John Aspinall himself and his son being raised with them were accepted as part of that family structure. That's something that's very rare," he said.

Hannah then added, "King Kong didn't do much for the reputation of the gorilla. The gorilla is not a vicious animal, it's a gentle giant."

But all gorillas aren't necessarily that gentle. In 2004 a gorilla escaped at the Dallas zoo and he shook and bit a 4-year-old boy, collapsing his lung, ABC News reported.

Regardless, Aspinall decided to show the video to raise awareness about gorillas.

About letting his 18-month-old daughter play with a gorilla, he said, "If you're brought up with the gorillas and you're part of the family group it's really, it's not risky at all. And I can understand how some people would find that hard to believe but it just isn't.

"These animals are very, very gentle animals and the hope is that, the whole point is so people will see that and want to help gorillas."

Some viewers are outraged by the video. Most don't know the family history Aspinall has with the gorillas and if it were just any child with a gorilla, the animal could quite possibly react "unpredictably."

Though Aspinall's main goal was to portray gorillas as "gentle giants," he might have actually started a backlash against the apes.

Take a look at the footage from ABC News: