Gregory Horn of Dayton, Ohio, has been arrested after a video went viral of him beating his daughters with a cable wire.

The video caught the attention of viewers as it called into question appropriate methods of parenting and punishment.

The 30-second video had more than 2 million views on the WorldStarHipHop site just a day after it was posted, and it has since been shared all over cyberspace.

In the short clip, Horn is seen beating his daughters with a cable wire in their home after finding out that they posted a “twerk” video on Facebook.

“Twerking" is a slang term describing women dancing while gyrating their lower bodies.

The daughters, whose faces are blurred out, can be heard screaming and are seen trying to run away from their father, to no avail.

In a police report obtained by ABC 22, the “victim had visible welts on both legs in the thigh area, with open wounds.”

Viewers were divided over whether the father should go to jail or if his punishment was appropriate.

“I commend this father for doing what needs to be done MORE OFTEN in this world, because at least these little girls HAVE A DADDY IN THEIR LIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY CARES [sic],” one commenter wrote.

“I don’t think that he was wrong for doing that; however, he went too far and should NOT have used a cable cord at that. Wow [sic],” another wrote.

Other viewers believed the father was totally out of line and should not have touched his daughters. “I don’t believe in men spanking their daughters. They have more strength, so the force behind it is just too much. The way his arm was going back, you could tell he was putting his all in it,” one commented.

The identity of the young girls has not been revealed, and Horn has been charged with child endangerment.