Who else needs a therapy session after watching tonight’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”? Episode 5 of Season 11 kicked off with a tense scene between Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) during couple’s therapy. Over the course of several meetings, the duo confronted many aspects of their relationship that were problematic -- from issues of cheating to interrupting one another’s sentences.

However, it was the treatment for their rocky romance, which the therapist had suggested during “Bend & Break,” that really got Callie’s blood boiling. “We’re not getting anywhere,” the mediator said after Calzona’s bickering. “It may be time to hit the reset button. Have you ever considered spending time apart?”

Callie scoffed at the idea, calling it insane. She was convinced that taking a break would only lead to divorce. “Don’t think of it as separating,” the therapist rebutted, adding that Callie and Arizona are completely different people from when they first started their relationship and that maybe they needed some time to find themselves again to see if who they are now could make their marriage work. “A break is not an end,” the counselor promised.

However, Callie wasn’t convinced. She reiterated her fears only to have Arizona suggest a 30-day trial separation. Callie was in disbelief of what her wife was saying, which is when Arizona admitted that ideally she would want a six-month break so that they could rebuild their relationship. After that sentiment, Callie settled for a month.

The therapist then explained how the break would work: For 30 days, the women would remain in the same house but live completely separate lives. They would sleep in different rooms, avoid talking to one another (with the exception of emergencies) and refrain from having sex with one another or other parties. However, going cold turkey was hard for Callie and on the first night she caved.

“I can’t do this,” Callie said to Arizona, completely unraveled. “How are we not supposed to talk to one another for an entire month?” Arizona responded by staying silent.

The two also abstained from making contact at work, forcing residents to do their biding. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) then called Callie out for what was going on and suggested the two go out to bond over their botched relationships -- with the help of tequila. Shot after shot the girls took, leading to one of the best “Grey’s Anatomy” scenes we’ve seen to date. The ladies discussed the cheating scandals in their lives, sung about vaginas and Meredith (in a hilariously serious voice) explained how she was too hot for her husband. 

But Callie’s big night out with Mer only lead to trouble. She ended up stumbling into Arizona’s room, which is when the couple broke the therapist’s rule of no intimacy during their 30-day break challenge. This resulted in Calzona having to restart their separation.

The slip up, however, didn’t deter Callie from going out with Meredith again. During their second girl’s night out, the two scarfed down cheeseburgers (which was their code word for sex) and even cooked up a way to help one of their patients walk again. (Side note: we’ll never look at pickles the same way again.)

Like a broken record, Callie came home from her outing and found an opportunity to make a move on Arizona again when she saw her wife struggling to study due to a crick in her neck. A massage lead to a kiss, which eventually lead to Callie getting the “cheeseburger” she so badly craved. The two decided it was best not to inform their therapist about the rule-breaking encounter.

After 30 days, the couple rejoined their therapist for a session to discuss how they wanted to move forward now that the break had concluded.

“I understand why we did this. To make us strong, make us better -- and it did. It took a long time and it was painful and it sucked but we’ve come a long way. I know we have further to go but I love you,” Arizona said to Callie. “The thing I need is my anchor. It’s you. I’m so glad that this break is over.”

But ironically enough, Callie didn’t share the same feelings. “The last 30 days have taught me so much,” she started. “But from the minute I sat down I felt I was going to be suffocated. The last several weeks I have laughed more, enjoyed more and I finally feel free. And by being free, I can see that constantly trying to fix this is the thing that’s been killing me slowly. And I don’t want to do it any more and I don’t want to fix us anymore. Maybe instead of loving you so hard I should be myself for a while. I should love me. And you should love you and together we love Sophia rather than -- I want so much for you, Arizona -- for both of us. So much more than this. More than being stuck with someone who feels stuck. I want you to feel free, too.”

Were you surprised with how episode 5 of “Grey’s Anatomy” concluded? Did you think Callie and Arizona were going to end their marriage? Sound off in the comments section below with what you thought of “Bend & Break.”