The Grip2u Boost on an iPhone XR

Who are the Grip2u Phone Cases for?

  • The Grip2u line of cases are perfect for iPhone users who are concerned about their phone slipping out of their hands
  • Grip2u cases have a band on the back for users to slip their fingers through
  • The Grip2u Boost comes with a built-in kickstand for watching shows and movies

Cell phones are expensive, delicate devices and nobody knows that better than cell phone case manufacturer Grip2u. Their entire line of products is dedicated to protecting cell phones while also making them easier to use thanks to the signature band found on the back of the case.

So how does a Grip2u case compare to a standard cell phone case? We looked at two different Grip2u models, the Boost and Slim, and compared them to a very basic case using an iPhone XR.

Banding Together

Let's start with the signature feature of the Grip2u line of cases, the band on the back. This band is found across all three Grip2u models, and is a soft rubber that fingers can easily slip under. The idea is that because the band is wrapped around a user's fingers, the case can't fall to the ground even if the phone isn't actively being held. The band is also replaceable and can be swapped out to customize the case to your liking.

The band on the back of the Slim case

The band works well, and is tight enough to hold an iPhone XR with ease. Because of the soft rubber there's virtually no strain on a user's fingers either. There is one issue with the band, and it impacts those who have smaller hands. Because the band requires a person's fingers to be slipped through it, it means that person's thumb will likely struggle to reach the top and bottom of the phone's screen.

Boost To Safety

There are also pluses and minuses with the individual Grip2u models. The Boost case is designed to be the thicker, more secure option of the two as it features a rubber case that completely surrounds the back and sides of the phone. The raised buttons on the side to access the volume and screen lock have a pleasing tactile feel to them, but the case does make it a little hard to reach in for the silence switch.

On the bottom of the Boost case, the area around the port is nice and wide making it easy for both the official Apple iPhone charger and third-party options to fit. Speaking of charging, the Boost case supports wireless charging, and it has been confirmed that it does work. There is a cut-out in the bottom for the speakers as well.

The Boost kickstand in action

As an added feature, the Boost case has a built-in kickstand that can be folded out. This kickstand is very similar to the one found on the back of a Nintendo Switch console, though it does feel a little more sturdy than the one on the Switch (for whatever that's worth). The stand on the Boost is still a little ricketty though, and I probably wouldn't use it regularly, but it is serviceable in a pinch if needed.

Lastly, of the two models we tested, the band on the back of the Boost felt tighter than the one on the back of the Slim. I'm not sure if that was because the case is a little thicker and that put more pressure on my fingers, or if it was just applied a little tighter than the other band, or some other reason.

Slim Security

The Slim sacrifices added security for a more sleek design. Instead of wrapping around and enveloping the phone like the Boost, the Slim clamps on and has plenty of cutouts to allow for easy access to all the phone's buttons.

The bottom of the case is completely exposed, so any charge cable will fit with no issues. This also leaves the phone's speakers unobstructed. Like the Boost, the Slim also supports wireless charging, but unlike the Boost does not have a built-in kickstand.

The Slim clear case is almost unnoticeable on the iPhone XR

Limited Drop Test

I don't exactly have a supply of iPhones to risk breaking, so I didn't thoroughly test just how protective either of the Grip2u cases actually are. That said, I did do some minor drop tests with both cases. These drops were from about five or six inches above the top of a desk.

The Boost definitely made it less stressful to see an iPhone go shooting towards a desk, as the phone bounced after impact and came to a rest with little issue. The Slim didn't help alleviate any stress as each impact sounded loud and a little rough. The iPhone in question did come out unscathed when using both cases, but these were only small drops. If you are concerned about drops from, let's say, a standing position down to the ground, I would definitely recommend the Boost over the Slim.

Final Thoughts

Both Grip2u cases are nice and the band does offer some protection from drops. The Boost especially feels like it can really keep a phone secure. That said, the band also makes those with small hands struggle a little to use their phone compared to a standard case. If security is what you are looking for, though, these cases will get the job done.

Grip2u Slim and Boost cases are available right now. The Boost and Slim are available for just about every current iPhone model from the 11 and 12 line along with the iPhone XR and XS Max. The Slim is also available for the iPhone X and XS.