Rockstar Games is currently working on several unannounced games, according to a former Rockstar developer, or at least it was a year ago. The latest news comes from Angith Jarayajan, who was a former developer at Rockstar. He was with Rockstar Games India between June 2017 and March 2018.

The ex Rockstar dev claims that he was involved with "Red Dead Redemption 2" and a couple of other unannounced games that he could not talk about yet. Sadly, Jayarajan has not provided any more details about these titles. However, his claims seem to align with earlier reports and whispers online about Rockstar Games.

Many believe that the game developer is not only working on "GTA 6" but also on "Bully 2." While Jayarajan's information is very limited, this is not the first time that an employee of Rockstar Games has suggested multiple projects under development across various Rockstar Games studios. On Reddit, another employee from Rockstar India claimed that they were working on several games other than "Red Dead Redemption2."

Obviously, "GTA 6" will be eventually released, but we do not know if other projects will be released soon, too or if they will ever be released at all. Aside from "GTA 6," the other heavily rumored game that many fans believe Rockstar Games is working on is the sequel of "Bully." Recently, several sites reported that "Bully 2" was being developed by Rockstar Games, but it was reportedly canceled.

However, this does not mean that it was totally scrapped by the game developer, there is still that possibility that it was just put on bold to let other studios focus on the more pressing matter at hand during that time. There are plenty of other possible scenarios about the 'multiple games' being developed by the gaming studio.

It could be a totally new IP or a remake or sequel to its other popular titles. But, then there is the fact that if it is going to release a game not named Red Dead or Grand Theft Auto, it will most likely be a new IP or "Bully 2." Since this information did not come from Rockstar Games, we suggest that you take this with skepticism.