Update: Nov. 8, 6:01 p.m. EST: A woman known as Karen Kraushaar has been identified as one of two who settled sexual harassment claims against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain with the National Restaurant Association. Read the story here.

Hours after facing a complaint about allegedly illegal contributions to his campaign by a nonprofit organization affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain made clear that he is very proud to know the Koch brothers.

The complaint was filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics consumer group, Reuters reported.

[J]ust so I can clarify this for the media -- this may be a breaking-news announcement for the media -- I am the Koch brothers' brother from another mother, Cain said Friday during a speech at an Americans for Prosperity event in Washington. Yes, I'm their brother from another mother. And proud of it.

Cain was alluding to an article published this week by The New York Times, which highlighted the ties between the presidential candidate and the Koch brothers, Charles and David, who run the privately held Koch Industries.

The Times reported that the nonprofit Prosperity USA founded last year by Mark Block, who is now Cain's chief of staff, has apparently contributed to Cain's presidential run, donations that may possibly be illegal. The Cain campaign has said it is requesting an outside lawyer to review the allegations.

By law, nonprofit organizations such as Prosperity USA are generally prohibited from spending money on presidential campaigns.

Internal documents from Prosperity USA were published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week. The newspaper's report noted that Block, 57, ran the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity, which was co-founded by the conservative Koch brothers. The Koch brothers have helped fund and organize the tea-party movement in the United States.

The documents reportedly contained references to expenses paid on behalf of Cain, with one reading, From AFP- H. Cain travel.

Cain said the article published by The New York Times is trying to attract attention, and that this is what happens when you start to show up near or at the top of polls.

He added that the Times article illustrates something that has to be dealt with when someone is trying to turn the country around.

The article tries to make a case of how close the Koch brothers and I are. I am very proud to know the Koch Brothers, Cain said. They make it sound like we've had time to go fishing together, hunting together, skiing together, golfing together.

You see, the reason that I am running for president, folks, is because I want to unite the United States of America, not divide the United States of America, Cain added.

Watch Cain talk about his affiliation with the Koch brothers below: