Men are easy to shop for, right? Wrong. While holiday gift ideas for men abound, navigating the channels of a man’s fickle taste is trickier than piloting the dark Amazon jungle without Google Maps. Get him something impractical and it’s likely to end up in the back of a drawer, or, worse, in January’s garbage. That’s where our holiday gift guide for men will come in handy.

Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, a husband or even a father, we’ve got an idea of what he might want. Here are 11 holiday gift ideas for the man in your life.

1. Cocktail Spinner

Help him mix that perfect cocktail with the pump-action Cocktail Spinner from Quench Products. The mixer has a built in strainer and doesn’t require batteries. Bottoms up!

Cocktail Spinner, $24.99,

2. Contemporary, Portable Lamp

The Lumio Lamp from Hello Lumio looks like a book on the outside, but folds open to reveal a contemporary, soft and stylish lamp. Whether bedside, tableside, campfire-side or for outside dining, the LED lamp with 8 hours of battery life is certain to add a touch of modern to any guy’s life.

Lumio Lamp, $160,

3. Coffee Club Membership

Admit it: He’s an addict. But at least this is one craving you can support. Get him a membership to the Moustache Coffee Club and he’ll get a new, freshly roasted bag of premium coffee every week or every two weeks, depending on the plan.

Moustache Coffee Club, $17.49/week,

4. Face Care Kit

Doesn’t he deserve to be pampered, too? Here’s a gift that will help him keep the crows’ feet away. It’s the Essentials For Him skincare set from Kiehl’s, a men’s personal care line with 160 years of history.

Kiehl’s Essentials For Him, $45,

5. A Device To Locate Lost Luggage

If he’s constantly in fear of losing his luggage (or does lose his luggage) while traveling, the TrakDot Luggage Tracker is a great way to ease his anxiety. The device is placed inside a piece of luggage and will send him a text or email upon landing, letting him know his precious cargo has arrived with him, or alert him to its location if it hasn’t.

TrakDot Luggage Tracker, $49.99,

6. Stylish, Mini Portable Speakers

With a retractable cord and 6-hour battery life, the stylish and compact HMDX Burst portable speakers are an essential for a guy who’s constantly on the move. The Burst is compatible with most iPods and iPhones, Androids and laptops and plugs into any stereo jack.

Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker, $19.99/each,

7. Contemporary And Creative Bookends

Is he an avid reader? These bookends, made to look like a guy was shot from a cannon and has traveled all the way through his books and out the other end, are a great way to liven up any bookshelf.

Shot From A Cannon Bookends, $65,

8. Rugged Beer Carrier

Bringing a flimsy, cardboard beer carrier to a barbecue won’t earn him any protests from his drinking buddies. But bringing a sturdy and sophisticated beer carrier is a way for him to make a memorable entrance. If he likes to tote his favorite beer around, the Wooden Beer Tote is a good way to go.

Wooden Beer Tote With Bottle Opener, $40,

9. Snooze Button iPhone Clock

Is he a late snoozer? Here’s a fun way to help him get that extra 10 minutes of shuteye. The Snooze by Distil Union turns his iPhone into a clock with a giant, rubber “Snooze” stamp on top. It’s a fun addition to any guy’s morning routine!

Snooze, Distil Union, 34.99,

10. A Blueprint Of His Favorite Baseball Field

There’s bound to be a baseball fan in your family – this is America, after all! Get him a framed blueprint of his favorite team’s field. A piece of history for his office or work space!

Ballpark Blueprints, $185,

11. Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit

Molecular gastronomy – or food science – isn’t for everyone. But with the starter kit, he could learn a few tricks of the trade, like turning olive oil into a powder only to have it re-liquefy once it’s eaten.

Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit, $99.99,