Giving someone the perfect gift can be a grueling task, but finding the ultimate present for the beer lover in your life doesn’t have to be. From beer making kits to beer candles, we came up with a list of presents that would satisfy even the pickiest beer connoisseur.

If you're having doubts, or simply need some clues regarding what to buy the alcohol enthusiast in your life, check out these 11 gift ideas for brew drinkers below.

Craft Beer Subscription Box


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For those looking for a gift that keeps on giving, this one is for you. Sign up the beer drinker in your life for the Craft Beer Club. Customers can choose how often the recipient receives their beer shipments and are free to cancel the membership at any time for any reason.

Beer Making Kit

Anyone can drink beer but it takes a true artist to make it. Challenge your loved one by putting their skills to the test with this beer making kit found on Amazon. Discover who has what it takes to create the perfect brew and who is better off making a store run for a 6 pack.

Custom Bottle Opener


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Be the reason why your favorite beer lover can open their drink in style, with this custom bottle opener available on Etsy. This handcrafted wooden bottle opener allows the customer to personalize the monogram and offers the option to add a name to the opener as well. The rustic crafted item also features a spacious bottom that catches the bottle caps after opening.

Keg Growler

Sure, owning a keg can be fun, but totting around 15 gallons of beer is just painful on the back and not worth the stress. Lighten a beer lover’s load with this stainless steel keg growler on Amazon.

Bottle Opening Coasters

Drinking beer can be fun until you realize that your crisp drink just left a watermark on your new wood table. Make sure the beer enthusiast in your life never struggles to open a bottle and always has a place to put their beverage with these customizable coasters on Amazon.

Beer Jelly

Beer for breakfast will finally be acceptable once you gift your loved one with this uniquely crafted beer jelly sold on Uncommon Goods. Along with a savory, sweet taste, the jelly includes traditional beer ingredients like malt, hops and yeast.

Mini Beer Pong Set

Turn your next beer pong tournament into a quaint adult gathering with this wood finished mini beer pong set found on Uncommon Goods. This version gets rid of the red solo cups and offers a classy atmosphere with a custom cup layout that makes re-racking a breeze.

The Beer Bible

Turn your beer lover into a beer snob with this detailed guide about brews around the world. By the time the reader has completed this Beer Bible, found on Amazon, they will be well versed in lagers, wheat beers and various types of ales.

Personalized Beer Mugs And Glasses

Toast to the holiday season with these customized beer mugs and glasses found on Things Remembered. Turn drinking beer into a personal experience by putting something sentimental on your choice of glassware.

Beer Candles

Don’t worry, these candles from Swag Brewery won’t leave your home smelling like a dive bar. Instead, they will set the atmosphere for the cozy holiday season while hints of Hoppy IPA, Vanilla Porter, Apricot Wheat and other beer infused scents fill the air.

Hopped Up Coffee

Your morning coffee will never be the same after trying out this beer infused coffee found on Uncommon Goods. The product offers a unique twist on the average cup of joe by blending ingredients like hops and barley with coffee grounds.