house of cards season 4 theories
Beau Willimon (not pictured) vaguely addressed the possibility of a fourth season of "House of Cards." (Pictured: Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood.) Netflix

Did you happen to binge-watch the entire third season of “House of Cards” over the weekend? If you answered yes, you’re definitely not alone! Many fans of the political thriller hungrily scarfed down all 13 episodes of the drama after “HoC” was released on Friday. But as it turned out, that only left them starved for more.

The insatiable audience then took to Twitter to state their concerns over when Season 4 of “HoC” would drop:

That raises the question: When will fans get more of Beau Willimon’s masterpiece (based on the BBC miniseries of the same name)? Well, if you were to refer to the history of when each season was released, you would notice a pattern that every installment became available to the public in February. To be more specific, the premiere date of each new season slipped further and further into February, which might mean that Season 4 of “HoC” could be airing in March.

But not everything can be solved about the potential new season of “HoC” through numbers. The Netflix series went silent after deciding not to reveal the renewal of a fourth season prior to the premiere of Season 3. Typically, the show gets renewed for a forthcoming season before the airing of each new installment. For example:

While Netflix ordered two seasons before the first installment streamed in February 2013, the third season of “HoC” was renewed on Feb. 4, 2014, 10 days prior to the season premiere of the sophomore series. But unfortunately, there was no mention of a Season 4 renewal before the anticipated third installment aired.

Audiences who have seen Season 3 are convinced there must be a fourth installment considering the most recent season seems like a setup for a wild sequel. In fact, some have speculated that Season 4 might be the last installment of “HoC” due to there only being 52 cards in a deck and each season having 13 episodes.

“Well, I appreciate the numerology,” Willmon responded during a Google+ hangout. “We haven’t even announced a fourth season, so when it comes to how many seasons of ‘House of Cards’ there may or may not be, I’ll have to steal a line from Francis Underwood: ‘You might very well ask that I couldn’t possibly comment.’”

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