Haveeee you met Sally? Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall’s tale is coming to an end soon, but fortunately “How I Met Your Mother” fans will have a new group of friends to laugh with. CBS spinoff series “How I Met Your Dad” has released the character list for its new show to help viewers with their mourning process.

According to TV Line, the “Father” spinoff will be about a woman “reliving the events of her past to her kids” -- similar to what Ted has been doing for the past nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother.” But who is the new Ted? Her name is Sally!

TV Line reveals that Sally is far from the opposite of Ted. “Vibrant, messy and unpredictable,” Sally is already married when she’s introduced to viewers. However we’ll meet her as she considers divorcing her husband of one year, Gavin. Like Ted, she’ll turn to her group of friends for support during her rough time … and it’s an eccentric, fun sounding batch!

Sally’s best friend is Juliet, a “sexy, flamboyant, energetic, party-girl,” who sounds like the Barney of the group. Juliet is a fashion blogger and is absolutely ecstatic that her best friend has ended things with her “terminally boring” husband.” Looks like Juliet is happy to have a wing-woman!

“How I Met Your Dad” will also be introducing a married couple similar to Lily and Marshall -- Sally’s older gay brother, Danny, and his husband, Todd. Like Marshall, Danny is also a lawyer but with a Type A personality. Sally’s close to her brother (although they don’t have a lot in common) and considers Todd to be one of her best friends from college. Similar to Ted, Sally will be moving in with the pair.

And then there is the Robin of the group – Frank! Frank works for Juliet’s fashion blog as the head of IT. Where Ted was the one crushing on Robin, “How I Met Your Dad” will have the roles reversed with Sally and Todd. The “hot nerd” has “genuine feelings” for her, but “for the moment” it’s only a one-sided flirt fest.

TV Line reports that the series will also be using a narrator to tell the story.

In mid-January show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays revealed to Entertainment Weekly that while they’re meeting with actors, nobody has been cast yet. The update came shortly after a report on E! Online claimed that “How I Met Your Dad” tapped Lyndsy Fonseca -- Ted’s daughter, Penny -- to play the lead.

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