While marijuana is considered legal for both medical and recreational purposes in many U.S. states, there are institutions that still require that you have a “clean” record prior to joining.

This is particularly important in some workplaces, as well as in sports and schools. In such cases, it does not matter really what you use weed for, but what’s important is that your urine does not show any sign of us coming testing time. So how long does weed stay in the urine and what can you do to detoxify properly? 

Weed Detox Depends on the Dose

If you want to get rid of traces of weed in your urine, the waiting time will depend on how much you consumed. Marijuana typically remains in your body fluids between one to 30 days after you last used it. It also matters how often you used it.

Cannabis User If you want to get rid of traces of weed in your urine, the waiting time will depend on how much you consumed. Pictured: A cannabis tour member prepares to take a hit from a bong as the tour group makes a stop to smoke marijuana Photo: Getty Images/Robyn Beck/AFP

Naturally, the more frequently you consume it (and in higher doses), the longer it will take for the system to clear your urine. If you use marijuana every day, the waiting time could take as long as 90 days or more. Take note that urine testing is the most common method of determining the presence of cannabis in your system, so you can expect that this will the mode used. Others methods include hair testing, blood testing and saliva testing. 

Mayo Clinic Proceedings said that chronic heavy users of weed, or those who have it many times a day, can take more than 30 days before its traces disappear from urine. Those who have it thrice a week could take three days, four times a week could take five to seven days, while daily users could wait up to 15 days before their pee becomes totally “clean.” 

Get Rid Of Weed From Urine

Health experts say there’s no one way to get rid of weed from your urine. Once it enters your body, you will need to wait for it to break down and pass naturally through pee. While certain head shops do sell detoxifiers that can remove the traces of cannabis much faster, these are not typically sold for employment or testing purposes, but mainly for medical and purely cleansing reasons. In an interview with Vice, Barry Cooper, owner of the website Never Get Busted and former drug agent, local head shops are not allowed to sell detoxifiers for probation or work purposes, but it can also depend on your location. 

In the same article, NORML deputy director Paul Armentano said that using an adulterant can create a false negative result, but that will not take out the weed from urine completely. It will only serve as a distraction. He recommended consuming any form of diuretic liquid in large amounts before any test, to make your urine less sensitive or concentrated. Though he also cautioned that this will create super clear urine, which will look suspicious to testers come result analysis time.