Prince Andrew once made girls faint during one of his royal outings.

In 1982, the Duke of York was considered as the star attraction of the royal family. In the book “Andrew: The Playboy Prince,” royal author Andrew Morton discussed the so-called “Andymania,” which was similar to the Beatlemania during the time of the Beatles.

He said that the public’s interest with Prince Andrew peaked after he returned from the military during the Falkland’s War. At that time, the dad of two switched on the famous Regent Street Christmas lights and drew an adoring crowd. According to Morton, the event was just Prince Andrew’s second public speaking engagement and his first time speaking in front of live television cameras.

After his speech and after turning on the lights of the Christmas tree, Prince Andrew went back inside the reception area. However, the public demanded that they wanted to see more of him.

“The crowd changed ‘We want Andy’ and ignored a police inspector who used a loudhailer in a vain attempt to get Andrew’s fan club to move in order to clear a path for the traffic which by now had formed a jam of epic proportions. Girls started screaming in anticipation if anyone so much as went near the balcony,” Morton said.

He added that near hysteria gripped the tightly-packed area and several girls fainted and were passed over the heads of others so that they could reach the safety of the crash barriers.

The women who were left feeling shaken and bemused were comforted by police officers who revealed that they normally expect the kind of behavior at pop concerts.

At one point, Prince Andrew re-emerged in front of the crowd and they once again went wild.

“Andy mania had hit Britain… His arrival on the scene has given a new meaning to the initial HRH… With Andrew they stand for ‘His Royal Heartthrob,” Morton said.