• The Shift Process refers to a method that seeks to manipulate the energy behind our thoughts so that we can use the way in which our brain operates to work for us
  • Angela Ferrari is the founder and CEO of the Shift Process, and has a lifetime of experience studying psychological development and energetic healing
  • The provision of this online resource is vital to help solve the global problems of anxiety and depression through emotional balance

Angela Ferrari is a certified in-depth channeler, reiki and energy worker, having practiced healings of an energetic and intuitive nature since she was a child. Since reclaiming control over her life after she was left deflated and adrift in her high paying corporate job, she hopes to share this with others by encouraging them to follow The Shift Process fundamentals.

This article outlines how you can shift yourself into the version of yourself that is utilizing its full potential, as well as an expounding of why Angela is qualified to guide you in this journey.

The Shift Process Fundamentals According to the guidance of Angela , for a person to create something new by their own intentions, they must abandon the pre-built conception of themselves. It is believed that each of us is tied down by our belief systems, preferences and judgements concerning both ourselves and others. As a consequence we are locked in cycles and thus unable to access something new. Angela’s Shift provides insight into each of our blind spots - the aspects of ourselves we cannot see. To reach one’s full potential, one must first become aware of that which one does not know. All the thoughts, feelings and comfort zones separating you from what you want and keeping you stuck.

Through years of scrutinizing the physics and energy behind our thoughts and the influence of our beliefs over our lives, Angela produced the Shift as a formula to demonstrate how the neurological wiring of human beings is designed to either work for or against us. Angela refuses to teach anything that has not first been tested and applied within her own life as well as the lives of her mentors.

One mentor that has had a paramount influence on these formulas is Albert Einstein. Angela wholeheartedly agrees with Einstein’s famous statement that “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it … match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality … it can be no other way”. She recognises his awareness that we must discover and create a new version of ourselves for lasting change to occur.

This is where Shift’s life coaching system comes in - Angela encourages all clients to enter into this personalized process, which is tailored specifically to each individual’s goals in order to assist them in gaining cognizance of where they are aligned and misaligned.

The next step is to be willing to be uncomfortable, specifically by going against the beliefs and comfort zones that have been identified as keeping your goals unattainable. Angela also simultaneously provides clients with a style makeover so they can visually see their progression and the creation of new neural pathways. Finally, a Shift has occurred.

About Angela

Having studied psychological self-development, energetic healing, reiki and in-depth channeling, Angela has discovered a unique formula to help guide her clients to go through the process of unearthing what it is they truly want plus the tools to achieve it.

Angela laments that she would often just sense things when looking at a person and observing them in a situation; she would sense the depth and meaning beneath their actions. What she didn’t realize until later in her life was that this was channeling or intuition.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Angela hopes to create a great support system for those struggling with anxiety and depression through the teachings of her beliefs on a large scale. It is her understanding that these problems are caused by the youth’s lack of understanding of the ways in which emotional trauma should be healed.

By providing the world with her online resources about fundamentals of emotional balance, Angela hopes the future generations can be taught to understand how to feel safe in their emotions as they grow up; and by doing so, creating a better generation than that which preceded them