Angelina Jolie has talked about shooting the movie “By The Sea” with husband Brad Pitt. For the actress, it was the “hardest film” to do but at the same time she was happy to realize directing a movie makes her much happier than acting in it. 

Jolie and Pitt last worked together in the 2005 romantic comedy “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The film holds a special place in their lives as the two actors came together on the sets and started living together after its release. Though their fans loved them in the movie, the two did not get a chance to share the screen after that.

Jolie and Pitt will now recreate the magic in Jolie's fourth directorial debut, “By The Sea,” where they play an estranged couple. For Jolie, it was very difficult to both act and direct the movie. "I'd be directing myself and [Brad] in a scene where we're having a fight, and I'd be pulling out the parts [of him] that have an aggression toward me or when you're frustrated with each other -- it was very heavy," Jolie told Director's Guild of America in a recent interview.

"We kept joking that all of the crew felt like they were living in a house where the parents were fighting and you don't know where to stand or where to look," she added. But the actress is proud of herself to “for being brave enough” to try acting in this kind of movie. She also told the website she loves being a director more than an actor and was surprised to make this discovery about herself.

“I love coming to work in the morning. What I realized is that I never loved acting. I don't love being in the hair and makeup chair,” she said, adding she is “much happier directing."

“By The Sea” is set for a Nov. 13 release.