The Islamic State group beheaded its own fighters for “delinquency” during the ongoing battles in central Mosul, Alsumaria News reported Sunday. ISIS fighters are targeting Iraqi troops after losing control of seven eastern districts of Mosul to Iraqi special forces who carried out a major offensive to retake the city from the militant group.

“The extremist group, infamous for heinous executions of its local opponents as well as foreign workers and journalists in Iraq, executed seven of its members for fleeing battlefields in Kokajli, west of Mosul,” Alsumaria news reportedly stated. “The so-called legislative court affiliated with the group sentenced them to death for delinquency.” 

According to Alsumaria news, ISIS executioners laid seven fighters "to the ground, with their hands and legs cuffed at one of ISIS quarters in central Mosul. Their heads were cut with blunt knives," after deeming the convicts as "infidels."

The Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, backed by the U.S.-led coalition, launched a massive offensive on Oct. 17, to retake Mosul, which was captured by ISIS in June 2014, before taking control of much of northern and western Iraq. Apart from ground strikes, the U.S.-led coalition also carried out airstrikes against ISIS militants in Mosul.

While the offensive continues in Mosul, ISIS militants have beheaded family members, drowned dissenters and bombed Muslims gathered for prayers. Last month, ISIS fighters executed 57 supporters for treason in Mosul, the group's last stronghold in Iraq, drowning their bodies and dumping them in a mass grave.