The Israeli Air Force struck Hezbollah targets near the Lebanese-Syria border, Lebanese security officials said on Monday.

According to Lebanese online English daily The Daily Star, Israeli jets launched two air raids near the border towns of Janta and Yahfoufa, well-known Hezbollah strongholds. Janta has been used as a smuggling route for arms between Syria and Lebanon. Israeli authorities have not responded to the reports.

In the past, Israel launched several attacks on Syrian shipments to Hezbollah, for which Israel has never claimed responsibility.

In 2013, Israel struck a warehouse containing Russian-made Yakhont missiles near the Syrian port city of Latakia. The missiles were reported to be destined for Hezbollah. Israel refused to comment on the incident.

Hezbollah, a Shiite militant group, was designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. It has increased its role in fighting against the Syrian government's rebel forces in recent weeks.

Hezbollah has helped pro-Assad forces in what some are calling the “ethnic cleansing” of border towns. These border towns are strategic because they offer supply routes for Hezbollah.