Jenna Talackova, the stunning transgender from Vancouver who caused an international uproar following her disqualification from the Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant, knew from a very young age that she was in the wrong body.

In an interview with ABC News's Barbara Walters, the lithe blonde revealed her early years as a boy and that her birth name was in fact Walter Talackova.

The 23-year-old also narrated the tough times she endured as a boy student at Killarney secondary school, especially of the time when her femininity was increasingly apparent.

People would just, walk, lurking around my locker, like, 'I can't believe it, oh my God,' she was quoted saying in the interview.

It was very obvious, Jenna's former Teruko Walker said in a statement on the Daily Mail. It wasn't like she looked like a boy, but acted like a girl. She very much looked like a female.

According to the Star Phoenix, Jenna began hormone therapy when she was just 14. Around that time, she changed her name from Walter to Page Talacko. Although the treatments helped her attain feminine qualities, the beauty queen was truly gratified only after undergoing a sex reassignment surgery in 2010.

To top off her physical transformation, Jenna has also breast implants in addition to having her Adam's apple removed, the news service said. She also has a boyfriend, who besides knowing her past is supportive... just an amazing man.

Jenna's mother, who accompanied her on Walters' show and is possibly her biggest support, appeared content now on having a daughter, especially since her other children are all boys.

Ok that's it I guess. I have four boys. But now I have four sons and a daughter,' her mother said, according to the Daily Mail.

Though Jenna is now legally recognized as a woman, Donald Trump, who owns the Ms Universe pageants, decided to axe the aspiring model from the Miss World competition for not being a natural born female. Following the worldwide uproar against the injustice Jenna endured as a transgender model, Trump permitted Jenna back into the competition.