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Jennifer Lopez's new video has got some hot and bothered. The orgy friendly humpathan features a 44-year-old Lopez falling into a pit of half-naked club patrons and writhing on her 25-year-old lover, Casper Smart. All that glitter J-Lo is showering in can't hide how truly unimaginative a song/video Dance Again is. But poorly executed vision isn't what some conservatives are angry about. The fact that the video debuted during American Idol is considered a violation of the family friendly time slot. You know, because if kids are exposed to images of sexuality it may distract them from all those violent video games.

Some reports blame the video's overt trashiness on Lopez's desperation for the spotlight. Yet Lopez forgetting half of her outfit and grinding like there's no tomorrow is nothing new. Her music videos are usually a clothing-optional ego-fest. Here are her 5 trashiest videos!

Dance Again: For a song about true love, there's a whole lot of crawling, groping, booty grabbing, and wind-machine orgies. Watch as Lopez slides between her young lover's legs, has her inner thighs rubbed, and performs a blindfolded pole dance.

Jenny From the Block: AKA, the video that killed Ben Affleck's career. Back when Lopez was engaged to the wholesome actor, she decided it would be best to make a video about how hard their lives were. Poor J-Lo couldn't lounge on her yacht, be adored in a hot tub, or wear her $1 million engagement ring without someone taking her picture. It's not easy being overly wealthy superstars. The video's premise shows Lopez dealing with the perils of fame the only way she knows taking off most of what she's wearing. It all turned out okay though because once Gigli was released, Bennifer finally got their privacy.

Love Don't Cost a Thing: When Lopez was dating P-Diddy, she didn't want his bling-bling but rather good old-fashioned companionship. As the public knows, J-Lo would never flaunt her wealth. The simple gal from the Bronx released this song as an anthem for all those ladies out their who weren't interested in a man's wealth. In other words it was a song for nobody. The video features J-Lo throwing all of her fancy jewelry away as she heads to the beach were she decides that she also doesn't need her pants and eventually her shirt becomes too much of a bother.

I'm Glad: AKA Ode to Ben Affleck Number 3. For those that spent their days wishing for some kind of Flashdance remake had their prayers answered when Jenny decided to re-imagine the film with herself in the lead role. The famous stripper/welder heroine from the film was masterfully captured by a pant-less Lopez. She even reenacted the film's signature water/chair performance. But it was her suggestive crawling along a narrow table that puts the T in trashy.

Waiting for Tonight (Remix): You know those days when you decide to go dancing in a forest in panties that are way too small? J-Lo does.