Hearty congratulations are in order for Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock after the “Tie It Up” singer took to Twitter Tuesday evening to confirm that she is pregnant! It seems “practice” does make perfect in their case! This is the first child for Clarkson. 

"I'm pregnant!!!" the newlywed singer wrote to her 9 million followers. "Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever." The tweet was only up for three hours and yielded nearly 10,000 retweets and more than 22,000 favorites. Fans began to send endless congratulations via the mini-blog to one of their favorite singers and her talent manager.

Asked by Jay Leno recently if she was pregnant, Clarkson made headlines with a TMI (too much information) moment, saying she and her groom were having sex “like rabbits.” But she added they weren’t announcing anything at that time.

"[We want a baby] like now! Practice makes perfect!" she told Leno with a laugh. "We do, we do. We're trying, trying, trying. We have two kids, and they're so great. And I never wanted kids before, but now I want, like, five."

The two got married Oct. 20 at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tenn. The 31-year-old, who shot to stardom after she appeared on "American Idol," had said in recent interviews that she was ready to have a child. "More than anything, next I want a baby. Lots of them!" she told Us Weekly before she got married. "My record label is freaking out because all I can talk about now are babies. We're really excited and want to get our family started."

"I'm 31 and we'd like to do it the natural way. My eggs aren't getting any younger!" she added. "So we're really excited."

She’s even had a little bit of practice because Blackstock has two kids: Savannah; 11, and Seth; 7. "He has two kids that I love and they are cool with it,” she said about giving her stepchildren a half-sibling.  "We got the A-okay from them so we are ready to go. That's definitely the next big project we're going to start on."

Check out her appearance on Leno below: