Khloe Kardashian is concerned about her younger sister Kendall Jenner getting serious in her relationship with basketball player Jordan Clarkson, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday. Jenner and Clarkson reportedly began dating secretly a few months back after first meeting last fall.

Kardashian, who was in relationship with basketball players Lamar Odom and James Harden, wants Jenner to be “happy” but she is worried about the 20-year-old dating an NBA player because of their cheating habits, according to Hollywood Life.

 “Kendall and Jordan are really taking things to the next level and while Khloe wants her sister to be happy and in love, she’s concerned,” a source told the entertainment website, adding “Khloe knows all too well the games, shenanigans and heartbreaks associated with dating a man in the NBA.”

“That said, she wants to sit down with Jordan so she can vet him and find out what his intentions are! No disrespect to Jordan. Khloe knows him and he’s a nice guy — but he’s talking to her sister and Khloe’s over protective of her family. Really can’t blame her. After catching James in his lies and dealing with Lamar’s bs, she could write a book on how slimy some NBA dudes are. She just want to make absolutely sure that Jordan is as sweet and innocent as he looks. Otherwise, he’ll have serious problems with Khloe,” the insider told Hollywood Life.

Jenner and Clarkson are reportedly “super into each other” and have been romantically involved “secretly” for a few months. The two have been seen spending a night out together in West Hollywood’s The Nice Guy, according to reports.