Kim and Kanye wear matching outfits for dinner out with the press.

America's newest power couple, Kimye (Kanye West + Kim Kardashian), were out in NYC on Wednesday night to celebrate the Tribeca Film Festival and meet the press at the annual Chanel-sponsored dinner, and the pair decided to step out in matching monochrome outfits for their candle-lit meal at the Odeon, a trendy TriBeCa restaurant brimming with celebrities.

The Daily Mail immediately picked up on Kim and Kanye's matching clothing, noting that they were wearing the kind of coordinated couple's outfit that you'd only expect to see when a couple are well established.

The 31-year-old reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian was wearing a tight-fitting black and white dress that clung to her curves, while Kanye West wore a T-shirt with a matching black-and-white abstract pattern underneath a white tuxedo jacket with matching black pants and loafers. For more pictures of the Kim and Kanye in their fetching matching outfits, click here.

The paparazzi pounced on the famous couple as they crossed the street to enter the restaurant, while Kanye helped his Kimmycakes navigate NY's streets in Christian Louboutin heels, holding her close. Kim and Kayne even entered the restaurant holding hands, officially announcing their romance to the world and the press (including a reporter for the Wall Street Journal).

In a brief articles titled, A Date With Kim And Kanye, the WSJ's Mile Vilensky described navigating the crowded TriBeCa restaurant in an effort to meet the infamous Kimye face to face.

The couple was reportedly easy to find, surrounded by bodyguards and party guests, and were busy chatting with fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia when the reporter finally elbowed his way through the crowd.

Describing the night, Vilensky wrote, Our interview attempts proved unsuccessful, but our brush with greatness was stupefying.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been dating publicly for weeks now, and have been spotted strolling through the streets of New York, cozying up at restaurants and nightclubs, and even out to dinner with the entire Kardashian clan. Shortly after news of their relationship broke Kanye released a song with lyrics that described their relationship in detail.

The juicy news that the two most narcissistic people in the world are romantically involved broke after Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving Kanye West's apartment one morning wearing the same clothes she had been seen in the night before. Since then the new celeb power couple have remained surprisingly low key, despite the non-stop barrage of rumors and speculation aimed their way.