The Kardashian sisters might have their bouts of drama, but between young cousins Penelope Scotland Disick and North West, it’s all love. According to, the babies are already becoming best friends.

At the Los Angeles premiere of “Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway” on Sunday, Kourtney Kardashian told the celebrity news site that her daughter and sister Kim’s baby are on the right track to becoming close.

“Whenever [Penelope] sees [North] — the second she walks into the room, Penelope gets so excited,” the eldest sister of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” told “We never really had cousins that were close in age.”

But just because Penelope, 14 months, has taken to her new cousin North, it doesn’t mean everyone else has. Kardashian explained that 3-year-old son Mason is still getting used to sharing the attention with his relative.

“I don’t think [Kim] knows what to do; she’s just like, ‘You don’t like me anymore?’ She feels like he … is getting older and changing, and I think she gets confused and doesn’t know how to handle it.  He’s like, ’Why don’t you like me anymore?’ ’cause he sees her with the baby,” she said. “He gets a little jealous because he and Kim were so close. He doesn’t understand because he’s not the big center of attention.”

The star also dished on the subject of her child’s envy over North and Auntie Kimmy to E! News: “I think he gets a little jealous because he has a special relationship with his Aunt Kiki, and she takes away from that so he’s still kind of adjusting.”

The 34-year-old beauty has a plan to curb his jealousy, though she doesn’t know if it’s working. “I give him so much attention, and he gets so much attention from everyone else that I’m like I don’t even know,” she added to

Kourtney Kardashian is rumored to be pregnant with a third child after her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick posted a picture of her looking at her stomach and wrote, “Looks like an angel.”