Robert Pattinson may be the only Englishman who wants Kristen Stewart, as she was named the least sexy actress in Hollywood by men in the United Kingdom.

Gadget website surveyed British men and asked them their top choices for unsexy leading actresses ahead of the Oscars 2013, which airs Feb. 24. 

Stewart won the top position, followed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan and Denise Richards, among others. 

"Our Oscars poll has been a fascinating insight into the minds of British men -- it's shown that sexiness is far more than appearance,” a spokesman for the website stated.

"They were turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don't want to see unhealthily skinny starlets on the big screen."

British men are not the only ones who do not find Stewart sexy. Back in October, businessman Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer a waiting world his thoughts about Stewart and Pattinson getting back together after she had an affair with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders. 

“Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again -- just watch. He can do much better!” Trump wrote on twitter.

Check out British men’s thoughts about the top 10 unsexy leading Hollywood actresses. Do you agree?

10. Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman Actress Uma Thurman (L) ranked No. 10 on the list for least sexy Hollywood actresses Photo: Reuters
9. Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton Tilda Swinton Photo: Reuters/Danny Moloshok
8. Lucy Lui
7. Hilary Swank
6. Mischa Barton
5. Kirsten Dunst
4. Denise Richards
3. Lindsay Lohan
2. Sarah Jessica Parker
1. Kristen Stewart