Shopping for gifts during the holiday season can be stressful, and it can be challenging to navigate a gift list on a budget. Looking for ways to save can be made even more difficult for any last-minute shoppers.

The average American is expected to spend hundreds of dollars annually during the holiday season. But there are ways to save on last-minute gift giving without coming off as stingy or cheap.

Gift Cards

Purchasing a gift card is the perfect last-minute present. Whether it's from Amazon, Target, Victoria's Secret, P.F. Changs or Fandango, the options are numerous. The key to choosing the right gift card for the recipient is to make sure it's a place that the receiver enjoys. Or, settle for a generic Visa gift card. 

Scented Candles

Candles are an underrated gift. They smell sublime and are presented beautifully, and it can be easy to find a scented candle that matches a given personality. 

Magazine Subscription

Gifting a magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving year round. Zero in on the recipient's interests and head online to order it promptly. and are the best sources to order cost-effective subscriptions from. But be sure to print out the order to show to the receiver because the first issue won't likely arrive for four to six weeks, at the minimum. 

Texting Gloves

With the weather quickly approaching colder temperatures, gloves are a necessity. The imperative winter accessory, however, makes it complicated to operate a touchscreen phone. Texting gloves are a simple but thoughtful gift that any recipient would likely be grateful to receive. 

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a simple and affordable gift to give to recipients who enjoy rest, relaxation and bathing. Lush has pretty and quirky bath bombs like Rocket Science and Butterbear, but the store also has a lineup of holiday-appropriate options, too. Places like Bath & Body Works, Ulta, Amazon and Target also sell bath bombs.  

Adult Coloring Book

Stress is unavoidable. Therefore, an adult coloring book is a fun and easy present to gift. The options are plentiful as they range from standard patterns and animals to even a Kate Middleton-themed book. Go the extra mile by including a box of crayons or colored pencils.

A Picture Frame With A Meaningful Photo

A picture frame may sound minimal, but putting a photo of the giver and the recipient inside of it will take the gift to the next level. 

Coffee Mug

If the recipient lives by the phrase "But first, coffee," then a coffee mug would be the perfect gift on a budget. They can also double as a gift for tea lovers. 

DIY Gifts

If the gifter is crafty, then tackling the holiday season with DIY presents could be an option. Take advantage of websites like Pinterest and Craftsy for inspiration. 

Baked Goods

The food can be pre-baked and uniquely packaged for the recipient or purchased at the store. The possibilities range from cookies or brownies to cupcakes, among others.