While it’s safe to say that a Led Zeppelin reunion is among the most highly anticipated events in rock music right now, all signs point toward the tour not happening soon.

Robert Plant, who has in past years declined to play any part in a Zeppelin reunion tour, has recently made numerous claims that he is just waiting for Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to give the go ahead for a string of dates in 2014.

Surprisingly, the latest roadblock has been put up by original Zepp bassist, John Paul Jones. The 67-year-old rocker recently dismissed any looming speculation of a possible reunion tour in 2014.

Speaking to Red Carpet News at the after-party for the London launch of Philip Glass opera “The Perfect American,Jones told a reporter after being asked about the possibility of a reunion in the next year that "2014 is full of opera for me at the moment."

Jones established in the interview that he is currently writing an opera, and so it would seem that all of his focus is on that particular project. "Right now I'm halfway through the first act," he said.

Led Zeppelin's last concert was in 2007, when the band performed at London's O2 Arena. Zeppelin was joined on stage by the late John Bonham's son, Jason Bonham, on drums. The entire show was documented and released on DVD with the title, "Celebration Day.”

Despite a reunion tour being out of the picture, for now, the band has been rumored to currently be in talks with a number of music services including Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody to stream their back catalog online.

Page is also reportedly re-mastering a number of the band's albums for a box set to be released later this year.

Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones Interview