"Limitless" star Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) will premiere in the CBS follow up to the 2011 Bradley Cooper (not pictured) film on Sept. 22. NBC

CBS’ “Limitless,” is hoping to break the mold of TV action-thrillers with its premiere episode. Thanks to some star power and plot from the original 2011 movie of the same name, the new series is poised to captivate audiences by building directly on what worked in the past.

The show, which premieres on Sept. 22, promises to be an action-packed ride for viewers similar to its big-screen counterpart. With the series establishing its own unique world while juggling what the movie already established, many may be wondering exactly what they need to know before tuning into the series premiere.

For those looking to have their burning questions answered prior to watching the “Limitless” TV show, below is a rundown of everything you need to know:

1. What’s The Show’s Relationship To The Film?

OK, viewers are either going to think this is really cool or really stupid, but The “Limitless” TV show will act as a sequel to the “Limitless” film. The events of the Bradley Cooper-led movie will have already taken place when the series premieres. According to the show’s official CBS site, the two storylines are “woven together in the same world.” Fortunately for those that haven’t seen the movie, and have no plans to watch it before 10 p.m. EDT tonight, USA Today notes in its review of the pilot episode that the show goes out of its way to ensure that novice audiences aren’t left in the dust.

2. Will Bradley Cooper Star Again?

Yes and no - mostly no. Cooper will reprise his role as Eddie Morra in the series, but he will not star. The 40-year-old actor, who is also an executive producer on the show, is passing the lead of the series to “Greek” and “Manhattan Love Story” star Jake McDorman. McDorman plays Brian Finch, a standard everyman who, when he finds himself down on his luck with a sick father, is offered a mysterious drug that allows him to unlock his brain’s full potential. In other words, the drug makes him a super-smart and super-athletic person for a brief 12-hour period of time. Unfortunately, it tends to kill those that stop using it, with the possible exception of Morra.

3. What Happened To Bradley Cooper’s Character In The Movie?

When last we left Morra, he’d defeated all his enemies, retained millions of dollars that he made while high on the superdrug and was running a very successful campaign for the United States Senate. After discovering that the drug known as NZT has fatal and addictive side effects, he spends his money developing a way to wean himself off the product while not diminishing any of its effects. However, it’s strongly implied that Cooper’s character has not actually developed a way to fix the drug’s side effects and is simply living with them instead. Not much is known about his character’s return in the TV series other than he will return as a Senator and provide Finch with unlimited access to NZT, but for a yet-to-be revealed price.

4. What Is The Show About?

Other than a normal guy gaining superpowers through a highly addictive drug? Well, according to a spoiler-free review from the New York Times, CBS’ “Limitless” will balance the same basic thread of the movie with a few added twists. After Bradley Cooper’s character experienced such success with NZT, the FBI has grown wise to the drug’s existence. When Finch is framed for a murder (similar to the events of the movie), he brushes up against Special Agent Rebecca Harris, played by former “Dexter” star Jennifer Carpenter. She quickly pegs him as an asset and not a murderer. However, her hunch is a tough sell to her boss at the bureau, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Each week, Finch will find himself up against criminals that are vexing the FBI using his NZY to help him along the way.

“Limitless” premieres on CBS at 10 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Will you be watching to see how the show continues the film? Comment your thoughts below or tweet them to @TylerMcCarthy.