After Monday night’s Season 3 finale of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” many fans had doubts that Princess Love and Ray J’s marriage would last, but the newly married couple don’t care what critics have to say. In a new interview, Ray J and his wife dished on their relationship explaining why they will be married for years and years to come.

According to Princess, she and Ray J made some serious lifestyle changes that ultimately helped their relationship. “Me and Ray, we are going to make. It definitely has changed,” she said during an interview with VH1. “We changed our lifestyle a lot and made it more about us. I can see a difference in Ray and I know that he is going to be faithful and going to be honest because he wouldn’t have asked me to marry him or take it to this step if he wasn’t ready.”

Ray J couldn’t agree more with Princess, and told VH1 that he thinks their relationship has “evolved” into something other people “should look at as an example of how to grow together.” He added: “We still gotta go through our ups and downs in a relationship but if we know that we’re going to do that together … everything is just beautiful. But it takes me first to step up as a man and just do what I gotta do, and No. 1 just be faithful. … Me and Princess are for sure going to make it. F--- the naysayers, f--- ‘em.”

Princess and Ray J got married in August at the Vibiana in Los Angeles in front of about 150 close friends and family. Before the nuptials, Ray J told People magazine that he wanted Princess to remember their wedding as the “best day in the world.”

However, the pair did go through a few issues on their special day. During the finale, Princess and Ray J weren’t speaking to each other at first over a fight about a prenup Princess secretly wanted. The episode ended with Princess and Ray J making up and walking down the aisle in a beautiful ceremony.