As the saying goes, “behind every man is a great woman.” We couldn't agree more and men should make their women feel like a queen, and one way to do this is by giving them jewelry that will complement their best features and complete their look.

Thankfully, jewelry make such great investments because they never go out of style, regardless of the decade or trend. In this post, we bring you five places to get gifts that’ll surely make your partner feel like a million bucks. Best of all, these online jewelry places provide direct-to-consumer service, meaning you will always be paying a more palatable price that’s closer to the true cost of making that product.

So whether you’re looking for an unusual piece or just something simple but elegant, here’s where jewelry won’t cost you the Earth:

1. Diamond Veneer Travel Jewelry

Diamond Veneer Diamond Veneer Travel Jewelry Photo:

Let’s face it. Diamonds are far from cheap, which is why the market for Cubic zirconia (CZ) is created. Problem is, a lot of women tend to stay away from CZ jewelry, as they look so fake. Well, not anymore, as Diamond Veneer has managed to solve that. Bridging the gap between CZ and real diamonds, Diamond Veneer created a revolutionary process that makes CZ look just like the real thing, at a fraction of the price.

For you, this means gifting your beloved a new shiny best friend without hurting your wallet, be it in the form of a ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, etc. Do tell her it’ CZ though, always be honest!

2. Camille Jewelry

Camille Jewelry Camille Jewelry. Photo:

Offering itself as a one-stop jewelry shop for the budget-minded, NYC-based Camille Jewelry presents tons of handmade gorgeous designs that combine base metals with sterling silver and gold. Designer Camille Codorniu is no stranger to the industry as well, as her 16-year career has seen her work for high profile brands Kenneth Cole, Giorgio Armani, and Michael Kors.

With Camille Jewelry however, she decided to approach designing with the modern woman in mind, that is to say, strong but gentle. This means every piece in their collection will help make a subtle but sure statement without being too loud.

In man speak, that means your partner will look individually elegant without trying too hard.

3. Elite Jewels Inc.

Elite Jewels Elite Jewels Photo:

When it comes to spending your hard-earned cash on a luxury for your partner, it’s important to find a store/dealer that you can trust. Elite Jewels understands this, understands having dialogue with your patrons, understands that making a jewelry purchase should be an educated decision, and as such, is committed to giving you just that.

Their affordable and wallet-friendly offerings are just as good as well, ranging from a top-of-the-line gemstone collection, wedding pieces, diamonds, earrings, pendants, and even a men’s selection so you can keep up with your girl and look sharp yourself. Whatever it is, Elite Jewels invites you to explore all they have to offer.

4. Black Bow Jewelry Co.

black bow Black Bow Jewelry Co. Photo:

When it comes to choosing something, quality will always be important over quantity. But when each piece in that quantity is well, quality, we think it’s safe to say that there can be exceptions, and that’s exactly what Black Bow Jewelry Co. is offering.

Ran by a family that’s been in the jewelry business for over three decades, Black Bow not only offers a wide selection (their online store has over 100,000 items), but specializes in providing you with pieces that can stand the test of time and are family heirloom-material. Sounds like the perfect anniversary gift to symbolize your lasting relationship? Yeah?

5. Sunshine Jewelry

Sunshine Jewelry Sunshine Jewelry Photo:

If you’d love to get some fashion-forward jewelry without breaking the bank, then give Sunshine Jewelry a go. Branding itself as the most affordable jewelry under the sun, Sunshine Jewelry provides just that, offering steals and deals on everything from trending pieces like chains and accessories, to earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms and so much more.

The store’s wide selection also has immense variety for its different patrons and clienteles, meaning you can find cheaper pieces for simple celebrations and more high-end products for bigger events. This way, you are always sure to find something for your partner, whatever and whenever the occasion is.

So there you go, five budget-friendly online storefronts where you can get timeless and everyday pieces for your partner. We know how hard it is to sift through and scour the internet for something a lot of us may not all be familiar with, so we hope these five choices will help you zero in on the next jewelry that’ll make your beloved feel like a queen. She deserves it, king.