The body of a Cambodian man who committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment near Paris eight years ago was found last Friday.

The man was found hanging from a sheet in his apartment in Bussy-Saint-Georges outside of Paris after the flat was sold at auction to a new owner and they went to inspect the property, according to AFP.

The news site says the man was around 40 years old and hadn’t been seen or heard from since 2005, when he filed a labor complaint after he was fired from his job.

As Digital Journal reports, the man’s name is Thomas Ngin. Ngin cut ties with his two sisters and two brothers after his obsessive-compulsive disorder made living with anyone else impossible.

"He was extremely neat, and he couldn't tolerate his brother's habits," a source told Le Parisien, according to Digital Journal.

After he committed suicide, Ngin continued to receive mail, including several letters from the residents’ association of his apartment block demanding he pay the €14,000 he owed them. As Digital Journal notes, the bank eventually stepped in and seized Ngin’s apartment, putting it up for auction. It was sold for €415,000 earlier this month.

"He would have received letters, but by definition this type of decision by a court doesn't require the consent or agreement of the individual concerned," a source told Le Parisien, when asked how Ngin’s apartment was sold without his consent.

His neighbors assumed he had moved back to Cambodia.

"I thought it was an abandoned apartment," Camille, who lives in the building, told AFP. "Bussy is a commuter suburb, people don't see each other much," she said.

Ngin’s apartment was in perfect condition due to his OCD, which could explain why neighbors didn’t smell his body in the building. The apartment entrances are also “very isolated,” Digital Journal said.