Fans of the Mass Effect franchise have been up in arms about the series' ending, which has left many players feeling as if the carefully crafted decisions made throughout the game have been for nothing. BioWare has said that they taking fan concerns into consideration, and that gamers will hear more about this in April. However, Electronic Arts has reportedly announced that upcoming downloadable content will not change the game's ending.

A Mexican newspaper has quoted a representative from EA, saying that any future expansions will explain details about the game's ending without changing it completely. The article was published on April 2nd in Mexican newspaper Reforma, according to the BioWare Social Network forum.

Daniel Gonzalez, director of marketing and public relations for EA Latin America, also said that Mass Effect 3 signifies the ending of Commander Shephard, but not the end of the game. He promised that the new DLC will land in about two weeks.

For anyone who was hoping for a different ending and not a clarification of the dreadful current one, it doesn't look good, wrote Dorrieb, the user that posted the article in the forum.

The official Mass Effect 3 Twitter dismissed the claims made by the Mexican newspaper, but didn't add any clarification about what the DLC will include.

If you didn't hear it from an official EA/BioWare/Mass Effect source, I would count it as rumors and speculation, the account tweeted in response to a fan asking about the DLC.

If the widespread Internet postings, social media revolts, and saturated news coverage hasn't communicated the point, a recent survey released by Reddit has put the fans distaste for the ending in numerical form. When asked how players would rate their Mass Effect experience as a whole, 58.8 percent of those polled said they Hated the ending of the third game. Only 1.3 percent voted that they Loved it. As a whole, 6.4 percent of fans said that they Loved the final game of the series overall.

The controversial ending has also taken a toll on EA's stock value, with fans posting on about the decrease since the game was released in early March. By March 8th, two days after the release, EA's stock price had jumped from 16.44 to 17.70, continuing to spike up and down over the next couple of days.