The theme for next year’s Met Gala has officially been announced: “About Time: Fashion and Duration.” And with the Met Gala not occurring in May 2020, those invited now have enough time to plan and prepare their big and eccentric themed displays. 

Since it’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City’s 150th anniversary next year, the theme “About Time” mainly focuses on taking us back in time and through the years, celebrating 150 years. A costume would ideally celebrate fashion trends from 1870 while incorporating the following decades in a “journey” through time, according to CBS News

According to The Met, next year’s gala was inspired by "la durée," a concept proposed by French philosopher Henri Bergson that describes how time “flows, accumulates, and is indivisible.” Modernist Virginia Woolf, or rather the “ghost narrator” of her, will add understanding as to how time and fashion go together. 

"Fashion is indelibly connected to time,” curator Andrew Bolton said in the press release for the event. He also described how fashion “reflects and represents the spirit of the times, but it also changes and develops with the times, serving as an especially sensitive and accurate timepiece."

According to Bustle, Emma Stone, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, and Nicolas Ghesquière, a Louis Vuitton designer, will be hosting. This will be Streep’s first time attending the Gala, which will be sponsored by Louis Vuitton.