Actor Michael Rapaport said he has taken Big Baller Brand entrepreneur LaVar Ball’s side amid his feud with President Donald Trump, which snowballed after Ball questioned Trump’s involvement in the release of his son LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA freshmen who were detained this month in China for alleged shoplifting.

Rapaport took to social media early Wednesday and blasted Trump, who he claimed made him support Ball, someone of whom Rapaport said he's critical. He also slammed Trump for publicly supporting Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate nominee who was accused this month of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

"Donald Trump, you're such a f—k, Rapaport said. "You're gonna take away the pleasure I get from talking s—t about LaVar Ball? Me talking s—t about LaVar Ball is just shit talking 101 and he's good at it. But you, Donald Trump, f—k you, you are a threat to society. You got all this s—t to say about LaVar Ball but you publicly support Roy Moore, the sexual deviant. How can I respect a president that doesn’t respect me?"

LaVar Ball and Trump have been at odds since he seemingly downplayed the president’s involvement in the release of LiAngelo Ball and the two Bruins players who were arrested Nov. 7 in China. Trump claimed during a diplomatic visit to Beijing that he asked Chinese president Xi Jinping to help resolve the alleged shoplifting incident. After the players returned home last week, Trump demanded LaVar Ball and his family thank him, which led LaVar Ball to question his intentions. LiAngelo Ball apologized and thanked Trump during a press conference last week.

Since the feud, LaVar Ball has appeared on CNN and had been mentioned around other media outlets, which has garnered his Big Baller Brand an estimated $13.2 million in free digital and TV advertising, according to Apex Marketing Group, a company that examines sports profits.

"This back and forth with Donald Trump has extended the brand awareness outside of just sports," Apex Marketing Group Eric Smallwood told Yahoo Sports Wednesday. "People who don’t follow sports are starting to get more awareness of the brand. To have that reaction from someone as high up as Trump, it has definitely helped [Ball] reach a larger audience."