Mimi finally broke up with Stevie J during the final episode of Season One of VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Monday night. 

Stevie J, who openly cheated on Mimi Faust with the show's co-star Joseline Hernandez, tried to patch things up with Mimi during Monday night's episode on VH1, but Mimi wasn't having any of it.

"In our relationship I handled things the wrong way. I handled a lot of situations f****d up and if I could I would do it all over again but you know, we got history, we got a bond that can't even be broken with our daughter," Stevie J said. "But at this point in the game it's like we're not even talking and it's like you know, where we are is, like, it's got me f****d up."

His words seemed to be from the heart and they were spoken in what appeared to be a genuine manner, but Mimi saw right through his explanations and told him she was not happy being with him anymore.

"I'm going to take responsibility for this as well. This is a lot of my doing because I have allowed this to continue and happen, repeatedly," she said. "So I also have to share the responsibility in this."

It seemed like the conversation may even go well, as the couple were speaking cordially and communicating nicely.

"No, no. Stevie, we have done this and we have tried this and every time we have this conversation, you tell me you want to fix this, you tell me you want to make this right, you want to make it better, and it never gets better, it gets worse," Mimi told Stevie J. "Nothing ever gets fixed."

But then it broke down when Mimi let Stevie J know she wanted out of their relationship altogether. Stevie J accused Mimi of listening to people "in your ear" and she told me not to "come in here with the bulls**t."

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for. Mimi told him she's "just not doing this anymore," and he told her to "say you don't want to be with me," which she promptly when ahead and did:

"You want me to spell it out? I don't want to be in a relationship with you anymore. I'm done, she exclaimed, shocking viewers of the show, many of whom have been praying she would say something along those lines ever since Stevie J showed himself to be a cheater.

Stevie J then hit her below the belt:

"I gave you the best thing you ever could have had, you better be grateful," he said. "I gave you a kid when everyone else just tossed you by the wayside."

Mimi was not happy about that so she got him out of the house quickly thereafter:

"You gave me a kid? You sound ridiculous. Can you please go? Please, I'm done talking," she said.

And off Stevie J went, throwing his sunglasses on first and saying "have a good life, ma, you know what I'm saying" on his way out of Mimi's house and her life.

But it wasn't all sadness on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Monday evening, as Rasheeda and Kirk brought some happiness to the finale by renewing their wedding vows after 12 years of marriage:

"Our love has stood taller than any building, as high as any plane can go, and I just want to continue to love each other unconditionally, and everything else can fall by the wayside."

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