An elderly woman simply wanted to see the movie "Dumbo" in theaters, but instead, she allegedly got attacked by a mother who was there with her two children.

The 81-year-old woman told NBC the mother and her family cut in her line with the mother going into a fit of rage after she tapped one of the children to acknowledge what they had done. “I went like this, just the gentlest, touch, I just went like that to her daughter,” the woman said, making a tapping gesture. “Well she …became so violent. I was just like, shocked.”

The incident happened at an AMC theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side on March 30 and was caught on surveillance footage.

Though the woman apologized to the mother, it apparently just made her angrier. “She said, ‘Oh yeah?’" the 81-year-old recalled. "And then I felt somebody come behind me and grab onto my hair, and just fling me down backwards."

The woman, who is described as being in her mid-thirties, and her kids did not end up seeing "Dumbo," at that theater at least, as the mother fled the theater shortly after the assault. 

Meanwhile the 81-year-old was treated at a nearby hospital for dizziness, pain, and swelling, according to police.