Ben Simmons was once christened as the next LeBron James. But this could only turn out once he is able to evolve his game. He lacked one important part of playing NBA ball, and that is shooting.

After the Philadelphia 76ers won over the Los Angeles Lakers, it was a bit ironic that he would do something rare against the team of the NBA star he was being compared to. While it is not extraordinary for someone to take a shot from the three-point region, Simmons was totally roasted over it.

Among those who were shocked by Simmon’s three-point attempt was his teammate Joel Embiid. Apparently, the Cameroonian center was caught off-guard with the attempt, and his reaction to it during the post-game interview was simply priceless, reported.

Considering it was a blowout win by the Sixers, seeing Simmons (or anyone else) take a shot hardly matters. But for those who know the top overall pick of the 2016 NBA Draft, shooting from outside is what he has been repeatedly criticized for and such has become a big deal.

Moving forward, it remains to be seen if Simmons will be taking more shots in future games. But if he is to be lined among the greats, the majority will agree that the 22-year-old needs to start somewhere.

"The shot looked good. The rhythm of it looked good. It was close to going in. He didn't look uncomfortable shooting it,” said Sixers head coach Brett Brown in a report from ESPN.

Embiid bared in the same report that Simmons is indeed working on developing an outside shot. And if that is the case, do not be surprised to see him take more shots. He could start taking jump shots, not necessarily three-pointers, first and then extend his range. Not only will it help Philly, but it will eventually force opposing teams to take him more seriously.

"I will start pulling up," he said, "but it's not one thing I am looking at. It's not everything. I'm not focused on just doing that. I am going to play my game, play to my strengths and continue to try to get better."

Only time will tell if Simmons gets comfortable with an outside shot. Once that happens, opposing NBA teams may not be laughing that much since it means the Australian will now be able to hurt them other than simply taking it strong to the hoop.