Jeremy Lin of the Toronto Raptors has had his issues on and off the court and it seems the trend will continue. In the past, the 30-year-old had difficulty getting past security and convince him that he was a legit NBA star. Apparently, all that happened again in Milwaukee.

According to the Bill Michaels Sports Network, Lin was stopped dead on his track by arena security after game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The Asian-American was trying to get on the bus at the time but was asked to show his pass. Linsanity responded by saying that he doesn't have one and told him that he did not need one. Obviously, the security personnel did not know who he was although Lin just took it in stride. He admits that it happens a lot and that he just goes with the flow.

For the record, the whole thing is nothing new to Lin. He had the same experience when he was still with the New York Knicks. In a report from The New York Post back in 2016, Lin revealed how he was walking along arenas with his teammates and yet he was the only one stopped and asked for credentials. Similar to what he said in that recent Milwaukee incident, Lin said he does not allow it to affect him and that he has gotten used to the treatment.

Another instance was when Lin was still with the Charlotte Hornets. It was actually his first time to go to the Hornets arena but ended up trying to convince security that he was part of the team. In all, the lack of recognition is believed to be because Lin is part of a rare breed of Asians who are in the NBA, ESPN reported.

Other than that, Lin seems to be fine despite the lack of recognition. All he is after right now is to do his part coming off the bench for the Toronto Raptors. His team is on the brink of possibly making the NBA Finals, a breakthrough for the 6-foot-3 guard who never got beyond the NBA first round of the postseason wars.

Jeremy Lin Jeremy Lin's move to the Toronto Raptors could be a high-risk move for the American-Asian cager. Jeremy Lin #7 of the Atlanta Hawks plays the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center on November 15, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Photo: Getty Images/Matthew Stockman

After racking up season averages of 9.6 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists in the regular season, Linsanity has hardly been a factor. He has played only 3.7 minutes and averages only 1.3 points thus far. Regardless, this is the farthest that Lin has gone in his career and something he can cherish. The story is likely to be different in the summer where he is set to become an unrestricted free agent.