The Los Angeles Lakers have been known to take a chance on NBA veterans, but it appears Carmelo Anthony won't be one of them. Despite the desire of LeBron James to have the 34-year-old in Hollywood, the Lakers reportedly do not have any interest in Melo, in any capacity.

The latest update on the situation comes from Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times who also added that Anthony did call up the Lakers to gauge the interest level of the team. Hence, Anthony will need to wait a bit more to see which team could put him to good use. For the meantime, he remains with the Houston Rockets, who have yet to formally waive the NBA All-Star.

Prior to this update, The Athletic reported that James wanted the Lakers to add Anthony to their roster. Aside from being a close friend, LeBron feels that Carmelo still has something left in the tank to contribute to the team. Seeing how the Lakers have been struggling on the offensive end, it could make sense — especially in terms of getting someone who can light it up from the outside.

When James was asked on the possibility of Anthony joining him in LA, he replied to 247 Sports: “That's not a question to ask me. Right now we have 15 roster spots, right? We don't even have a roster spot open right now. But that's not a question for myself.”

Prior to the Lakers shunning the trade possibility for Anthony, NBA great Scottie Pippen believed that Melo would have been a great addition to the Lakers because of his ability to play the low post and kick out to open teammates, USA Today reported.

However, Pippen also threw caution to the wind and gave Anthony some friendly advice.

“I think Carmelo has to now take a step back and realize where he is as a player. Be willing to come off the bench, be willing to sacrifice. I think some of the things that he’s said has caused him not to be in the league today. I don’t feel like his play has played him out of the game, yet,” said the 53-year-old Pippen.

It remains to be seen which team would come forward to give Anthony a shot. James, Pippen and even Allan Iverson believe he can play although he may need to do some soul searching and re-align his basketball career outlook.