Now that most of the major free agents in the 2018 NBA offseason have found a home, it might be time to keep an eye on the Toronto Raptors. The team hasn’t made any significant moves this summer—they did re-sign guard Fred VanVleet—but it wouldn’t be stunning to see last season’s No.1 seed in the East complete a notable trade in the near future.

The Raptors have made their way into the Kawhi Leonard trade rumors that have been circulating for the last month. It’s not known if Toronto has even spoken with the San Antonio Spurs about making a deal, though there’s plenty of speculation that the team could get involved.

The Washington Post’s Tim Bontemps reported earlier this week that there has been buzz around Toronto as a potential destination for Leonard. Other NBA reporters have said that they wouldn’t be surprised to see the Raptors get in the mix because the team is willing to discuss a trade regarding anyone on the roster.

When Toronto was still searching for Dwane Casey’s replacement as the team’s head coach, Adrian Wojnarowski noted that general manager Masai Ujiri would trade any player in the right deal.

All of that means Toronto is at least open to the idea of trading either Kyle Lowry or DeMar DeRozan. The starting backcourt has played in each of the last three All-Star Games together, leading the Raptors to an average of 55 wins in those three seasons. Toronto had their best season in franchise history in 2017-2018, going 59-23 and finishing with an even better record than the Golden State Warriors.

But another playoff disappointment led to speculation that Toronto would look to make a significant change. The organization did that when they decided not to bring back Casey, though that doesn’t mean they’re completely committed to bringing back the same core that can’t get over the hump in the postseason.

A trade with the Spurs involving Lowry or DeRozan could make sense in that it would keep San Antonio competitive next season. Toronto would also have to decide if they want to give up an All-Star in exchange for a player that seems hellbent on going to Los Angeles as a free agent in 2019.

Lowry and DeRozan are appealing players because they are both under control for the next few seasons. The amount of money they are owed, however, could be viewed as a deterrent.

Despite what some odds might say, the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers could all have a better chance of actually acquiring Leonard.

San Antonio isn’t the only team that would be a fit for DeRozan or Lowry. Maybe another team that’s looking to add a star will make an offer that Toronto can’t refuse.

Toronto will likely have a similar roster for the 2018-2019 season, hoping that the absence of LeBron James will finally clear a path to the NBA Finals. Just don’t be shocked if the front office shakes the team up before the season starts.