All it takes is listening to one song, and you’ll want to join the club. Luckily, the New Hope Club fandom has an open-invitation policy.

But a lot has changed for the boys of New Hope Club - Blake Richardson, George Smith and Reece Bibby – since they uploaded their first song cover (The Vamp’s “Wake Up”) to YouTube in October 2015. First and foremost, The Vamps themselves saw the video and quickly decided to sign the guys to their label in December of the same year. Talk about a quick turn of events.

Now, a year and a half later, Richardson, Smith and Bibby have released their four-song debut EP, “Welcome to the Club,” via Hollywood Records/Steady Records, and have been performing it all over North America this summer on Sabrina Carpenter’s tour. To cap it all off, the boys took the stage at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the US Open’s Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York last week to sings hits from their EP.

With everything changing so quickly for these British boys, International Business Times had to chat with them before their performance about what music is on its way, their dream collaborations and what their songwriting process as a group is like.

Keep reading to find out all the goods about this talented band that’s already starting to take the world by storm.

new hope club aakd George Smith, Blake Richardson and Reece Bibby of the group New Hope Club, pictured on the red carpet before the stadium show during Arthur Ashe Kids' Day prior to the start of the 2017 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Aug. 26, 2017 in New York City, have a very comfortable songwriting process. Photo: Getty Images

International Business Times: What's your favorite song off of your EP, “Welcome to the Club?”

Blake Richardson: I think my favorite is “Perfume,” because it's the first song we ever wrote as a band together, like properly wrote, and it was just us in a room and so that's my personal favorite.

George Smith: And mine's probably “Friend of a Friend.” It's nice, it's got a bit of a groove to it.

Reece Bibby: My favorite is “Fixed” because I feel like it's got a lot of energy when we play it onstage. It's really cool to perform.

IBT: Are you working on a full album?

Richardson: We're always writing, on the bus, and when we've got free time. It's always coming together. Who knows? We're going to release a new song, it has a music video, very soon. That's next coming out. But, yeah, we're just always writing.

IBT: What's your songwriting process like?

Smith: We have like a group chat over text. Well, we're never really not together anymore, so one of has an idea, we bring it to each other, we're like “Oh, that's cool,” and we're so comfortable with each other now, so we're like honest, like if it's good, we'll be like “Okay, cool,” but if it's not so good, we're like, “Put it away until you improve it” and stuff. We always write together as a team.

IBT: Which artists would you love to collaborate with?

Richardson: Personally, I love Bruno Mars. He's incredible.

Smith: I think Ed Sheeran. He's been like a role model in life.

Bibby: Yeah, I'd definitely love to write with Ed Sheeran. He's amazing.

Well, New Hope Club was able to get The Vamps’ attention and turn it into a signed record deal, so perhaps they can do the same with Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran and get a collaboration out of it. In the world of music, anything can happen.