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Now that many of us are working remotely, and may keep working at home for the foreseeable future, it’s time to tackle an all-important aspect of our lives. We no longer have offices cleaned for us, so instead, it’s time to keep our own home offices clean. With us spending almost all our time at home, we have even more reason to keep things neat and tidy -- even if we’re the only ones seeing it.

It’s a good habit to keep a clean house, but it’s not always easy to maintain it. We’ve all got reasons -- busy schedules, household upkeep, mental fatigue -- but we can’t let the work and the dirt pile up. A clean home is a happy home, and will do wonders for your mental and physical wellness. If you need some extra motivation to go grab a broom, here are a few benefits to keeping a clean home.

Health and safety

Now more than ever, our health is our top priority. Keeping a clean house goes a long way to maintaining our physical well-being. Clutter left lying around can trip someone up, or get stepped on and cause injury. Improperly stored items could fall on someone when cabinets are opened. Putting everything away into proper storage limits hazards around the house. If you need storage options, try this Vinita Book Shelf by Noble House for a classy, rustic aesthetic.

Messy houses don’t just risk physical injury. Allowing dust and dirt to accumulate can trigger allergies and other issues. If you have asthma or other respiratory issues, dust will just make it worse. Make sure you dust and wipe down exposed surfaces often -- every day, if you can! -- to keep things dust-free. Change your drapes and beddings often, vacuum your carpets, and clean blinds, too!

If you’re up to it, air cleaners and purifiers are a great investment in long-term health. They’ll keep the air in your house clean and fresh, boosting your health. Betterair’s Biotica800© air and surface cleaner creates a healthy indoor biome that treats the interior of your house with tested probiotics to improve your quality of life.

Gloves Cleaning Clean
Gloves Cleaning Clean Monfocus from Pixabay

Pest deterrent

Nobody likes opening a cabinet only for something unexpected to skitter out. Pests and other insects pose a health hazard to our houses, since they bring in germs that could get us sick. Quickly clean away food spills, keep leftovers away properly, and clean up after any pets to deter any unwelcome guests from making their home inside your home. This way, there’s no need to fear opening that kitchen drawer just in case a cockroach comes crawling out.


We come into contact with so many surfaces in our home every day -- the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom. It’s important to keep a lot of these spaces clean and disinfected. We prepare our food on kitchen counters, and store much of our personal care inside bathrooms -- places where sanitation is the highest priority, since they’re a hotspot for bacteria and viruses. Regularly cleaning these places can prevent you from getting sick -- and prevent more intensive, difficult cleaning later on.

Clutter Office Desk
Clutter Office Desk mediamonk from Pixabay

Mental Well-Being

There are plenty of studies that link a person’s environment to their mental health. Messy spaces can add to feelings of stress. Constantly running into litter or clutter can make us irritated. And constantly worrying about dirt and debris compounds your anxiety. Cleaning up takes a weight off your mind, giving you one less thing to worry about in a time where we have almost too many worries around us.

Clean spaces also boost your productivity, which is important now that we’re working from home. Clutter causes distractions -- we might just be constantly reminded of things we have to clean, or be overwhelmed by the number of stimuli around us. Less mess promotes more creativity and more productivity since it helps you focus more. And once your workspace is clean, build up that relaxing atmosphere with something calming -- like a Lavender-Sage candle by SheHealsTheWorld, which comes with a booklet of positive affirmations to combat stress!

Cleaning also gives you a bit of a workout, believe it or not. It’s not on par with a full HIIT or CrossFit program, but it does get you moving! Running around, lifting and carrying objects, and squatting to pick things up are all physical activities that’ll help burn calories. And the repetitive, soothing motions can do wonders for your anxiety too -- especially after you see the results of a newly-cleaned space.

So put on an old shirt, roll up those sleeves, and grab an old rag to get cleaning. It’ll be worth the effort later, when your workspace -- and your whole house -- is neat and tidy, and you see how good it makes you feel.