A gay high school student who was found guilty of stabbing a classmate to death in a New York City high school was sentenced to 14 years in prison Tuesday.

Abel Cedeno fatally stabbed Matthew McCree, 15, at the Bronx's Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in a history class at their high school, and seriously injured another student, Ariane Laboy, 16, during a Sept. 27, 2017 fight.

Cedeno was on trial for manslaughter, assault and criminal possession of a weapon and was found guilty of all charges in July. He faced 50 years in prison.

The judge sentenced Cedeno on Tuesday to 14 years in state prison and five years probation. The sentences will run concurrently for all three charges.

Prosecutors had asked that he be sentenced to 30 years.

Authorities said Cedeno stabbed McCree and Laboy with a switchblade as about 15 to 20 other students watched.

Cedeno came out as gay after his arrest. He has said he was bullied for years by his peers over his perceived sexuality and had acted in self-defense.

In a recent interview at Rikers Island with NBC New York, Cedeno said that he thinks about the incident every day.

"I'm just not that type of person to kill somebody," Cedeno said. "There's a lot of other people out there that make me seem to be a monster. I'm not a monster."

Cedeno told NBC New York he never wanted any "of this to happen" and was "so sorry."

McCree's family was at the courthouse Tuesday for Cedeno's sentencing.

Cedeno's family was also present and gathered in a hallway where they prayed before a judge handed down his sentence.

McCree's death was the first homicide in a New York City school in two decades. It prompted protests from parents who said the school should have had metal detectors. LGBTQ advocates also called for the city to address the bullying of gay students.

McCree's mother, Lounna Dennis, told reporters she was "very pleased" with the verdict outside of the courthouse.

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