An Ohio woman is suing her doctor after giving birth to a baby following a routine medical abortion, the Akron Beacon Journal reported Tuesday.

After the birth of her first-child, 22-year-old Ariel Knights was discovered to suffer from uterus didelphys, a condition where a female has two uteruses, making it deadly for her to conceive and birth another child.

When Knights discovered she was once again expecting in 2012, she decided to take a visit to what she called a “slaughterhouse” to have an abortion.

“It was a decision I made because my life was in danger. I was put in jeopardy, and I have a son that I am supposed to take care of,” said Knights, who recalled feeling woozy after undergoing what she thought was a successful abortion in March of last year.

A week after her surgery, Knights went to the ER from surgery-related pains only to discover she was still pregnant, giving birth to her daughter, Lillian “Lily” Pearl on Sep. 20. Despite calling her daughter her “precious angel” on her Twitter page, Knights is suing for malpractice.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress against the Akron Women’s Medical Group, claiming the practice deviated from "acceptable standard care."

“I can’t explain how I felt. It was just a sense of being overwhelmed, wondering what happened to the baby, wondering what’s happening to me and what did [the clinic] think they did. It was just constant stress,” said Knights, who admits she doesn’t like to think about what the outcome would have been had the surgery been effective.

According to the lawsuit, Knights tried to attend a different abortion clinic following the failure of the first procedure but was turned down by other clinics who denied to treat the mother because she was “somebody else’s mistake.”

Knight’s attorney, James J. Gutbrod, called the medical institution “horrendous” after professionals completed two ultrasounds on Knights and told her the surgery had gone routinely well.

“You can see how poorly the clinic is run and how different it is from any other medical procedure that’s done in our country,” he said.