Amidst the hoopla created by the launch of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3, the second-largest South Korean electronics conglomerate, LG silently launched its Optimus LTE2 on the same day.

While the LG phone might not have managed to snatch the spotlight from the next generation Galaxy phone, features that the second best Korean company has packed in with the newly launched can give Galaxy S3 a run for its money, believe experts.

In a market which is dominated by smartphone makers like Samsung, Apple, Nokia and HTC, you might not think of LG at first when you think of smartphone, but this phone can be game changer in coming days. The new LG Optimus LTE2, the successor of Optimus LTE, is a 4.3-inch (diagonally and predicted size) monster phone packing some never-seen-before specifications. The most noteworthy of all is an impressive 2 GB of RAM, a spec that can outrun smartphone heroes like Galaxy S3 and One X. That extra memory would ensure high stability even when various applications are running at the same time, reported LG.

The LG phone also sports a True HD IPS display, one of the most impressive panels available in market that comes with a full RGB matrix unlike the PenTile screen that to be found in the S3.

LTE2 is powered by Android's latest 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich topped with an overhauled user interface. With a combination of a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip (or even a Tegra 3) with integrated LTE connectivity and a whooping 2,150 mAh battery, the phone will have a 40 percent longer life than any other smartphones, says LG. Also, the rectangular LG handset will support wireless charging via a separate dock.

No more specification has been revealed by the company.         

Optimus LTE2, as of now, will be launched only in South Korea during mid May and on at least three leading Korean mobile carriers. But it's expected that the LG phone will eventually hit the US and all the other major markets.