A South African bakery faced backlash on Twitter after it was accused of bad taste by tweeting photos of Oscar Pistorius-themed cookies that made light of the Paralympian’s murder trial for the death of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steemkamp.

Charly’s Bakery, a Cape Town-based shop, has since deleted the photos of the Oscar Pistorius meme cookies. Some of the treats featured pictures of Pistorius with phrases such as “And The Oscar Goes To Jail” and “Just Do It. Just Do It. He Did It,” referencing Pistorius’ since-severed relationship with Nike and the shooting of Steenkamp. Another cookie had the words: “Caution. Using Toilet. Please Don’t Shoot.” Steenkamp was in the bathroom of Pistorius’ home in Pretoria on Valentine’s Day 2013, when she was shot and killed.

Pistorius, 27, claimed that he mistook her for a burglar, but prosecutors maintain that the Paralympian murdered Steenkamp, 29. His murder trial starts next week, and a judge has allowed television cameras to partially televise the proceedings.

Although Charly’s Bakery apologized for the tweets, some Twitter users believed the shop was being insincere and railed against the company for using the hashtag #WeAlwaysRememberReva.




Charly’s Bakery tweeted that the cookies weren’t actually for sale. “Our intention was to stimulate debate as we always do with topical issues in the media,” the company said. “We messed up completely & we own our mistake. We apologize sincerely & we regret any offence we have caused to the Steenkamp family.”

But some Twitter users didn’t accept the apology.