Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George revealed he was "excited" about the next step in his career in the first part of a three-part mini-series that aired Tuesday night.

The series documents his offseason and looming free agency with the third part, currently with an unannounced air date, recapping his final decision.

George will become an unrestricted free agent as long as he opts out of his $20.7 million contract by Friday and is heavily linked with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers who are based just over 60 miles south of his native Palmdale.

But recent reports also stated George is strongly considering staying on at OKC with a possible two-year deal, also known as a one-plus-one deal, that would see him earn $30.3 million next season with a player option and $32.7 million the season afterward.

Whatever decision the 28-year-old makes though, he hopes it keeps "the majority of people happy" as well as himself in a first segment that mainly looked at his rise as one of the leading stars in the NBA during his time with the Indiana Pacers.

"I hope I make the majority of the people happy," George said, as quoted on NewsOK. "But ultimately it’s my decision and I want to be the happiest I can be with that decision. And I’m excited. I’m excited to go through this journey."

"It’s a lot of things that go into it — trying to find the right fit, what’s the best place for me to raise my kids. A lot is playing into this, so it’s a bit overwhelming."

The segment also dives in to the end of his Pacers career as while he wanted to stay at Indiana his whole career, things changed when many key players moved on. He would eventually move to the Thunder last year on a one-year deal.

“I give [Thunder GM] Sam Presti a tremendous amount of credit, to be a year removed from losing Kevin Durant, to try to get Paul George to come play with Russell Westbrook and build this thing in Oklahoma City," George's agent Aaron Mintz said.

Despite joining forces with Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, it was an underwhelming season for the Thunder who would eventually bow out to the Utah Jazz in the first round of the playoffs.

George acknowledges the Thunder took a big risk in signing him with free agency bound the next year but also hinted he may have unfinished business in Oklahoma.

"Here they have made a huge risk in trading for me, knowing I have one year on my deal," George added. "But I felt I didn’t finish as strong as I could have. Just knowing you left something on the table, even to this point now, it weighs on me."

Regardless, the Lakers will still attempt to sign him as they have made no secret of their desire in landing a homegrown star. Sports Illustrated even obtained a leaked recruiting pitch from them which was intended for the 28-year-old.

The second part of the mini-series will air Thursday and is expected to focus on George's off-court pursuits.